Executive Summary — February 2019

Vivreau-Executive Summary

Dear (BRITA) Vivreau Partners,

Almost a decade since we introduced Vivreau into the Sub-Saharan African region, and redefined “sustainability chic”, we’re delighted to present our first Regional Newsletter.

As we’ve shared this journey, we’ve seen our brand evolve and grow globally beyond anything we dreamed.

Today, Brita Vivreau is without peer as both a global premium brand and in terms of unprecedented proprietary technology (watch this space….)

We’re both delighted and humbled to be THE sustainability statement of choice for the World’s most iconic Corporations, Institutions and Hospitality Brands.

Our Integration into BRITA

As most of you know, Vivreau was fully acquired by BRITA just over 2 years ago. 

We’re now entering the final stage of the integration process and are delighted to invite you to join us and “Think Your Water” .

Let’s dive in as we introduce you to:

• an overview of our re-structure in this region,  

• An introduction and overview of BRITA… 

Our Restructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

We're comprehensively re-structuring with the "old Vivreau South Africa" becoming the master rights holder for Sub-Sahara and dedicated Distributor companies being formed in each of our major markets. (South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya etc.,)

The SA Distributor of BRITA Vivreau will be Vivamanzi (Pty.) Ltd, and we’re delighted to announce to our partners in the RSA that this division is a full LEVEL 2 BB-EEE Rated provider.

Our accounts and Client service teams will be contacting you to initiate this process which we’ve called the “great migration” 

Social Responsibility & upliftment

2019 sparks the start of an exciting new partnership with Focus on iThemba as we strive to make a similar social impact to the impact we have had on Sustainability.

Focus on iThemba is a non-profit Organization dedicating to providing quality education and investing in youth, resulting in life-altering positive change. 

Key focus areas include; partnering with ten local Pre-Schools to ensure elevating Early Childhood Development and our unique iThemba Scholarship programme where boys and girls from our ECD partner Pre-Schools are awarded scholarships to attend Waterfall Schools, based on our inspiring iThemba Campus in Hillcrest. 

Partner with us as we Grow Hearts and Minds. (and ensure the most responsible hydration possible) 


BRITA GmbH is Vivreau’s parent company and is a global leader in the provision of water purifying products for consumers and businesses. 

Based in Taunusstein, Germany, BRITA GmbH celebrated its 50th year of operation in 2016. Vivreau, and by extension, Vivreau clients, benefit significantly from BRITA’s ongoing program of cutting edge research and development, technological innovation, and excellence in engineering. Millions of people around the world rely on BRITA. This is inspiration for the company to continuously develop itself and its products. BRITA wants to do more than just meet the high requirements that have been set for it, exceeding expectations at every turn.

Right from the start BRITA has focused on research and development — and that has paid dividends. BRITA products have been awarded numerous international design awards and the company is currently one of the leading brands in its field. When BRITA develops new products, it always makes sure that they will make your everyday life easier and richer.

Coming in our next Newsletters….new products, systems and proprietary technology. 

Until then… My absolute best.

Charles Tapanlis

CEO: South Africa – Sub-Saharan Africa – Indian Ocean Islands


Can you spot Vivreau bottle on Grey’s Anatomy? 

Grey's Anatomy-Vivreau