We are pleased to make available an inventory of documents, images, videos and FAQs to assist you as you approach a technical task associated with a Vivreau water system. On most occasions, you will be able to locate the answer to your question via the information contained in this Technical Center. We recommend that you employ your Vivreau Technical Manual of Vivreau User’s Manual (issued at the time of system delivery) to complement the information offered in this section. As always, please contact us should you require further explanation or guidance.




Vivreau water systems are unique in the market and feature proprietary design. It is vital that you follow the Pre-Installation requirements for your system very carefully in order to ensure your space is ready for installation. In this section you can find all the necessary downloads and videos for support.




Vivreau water systems are state of the art and have a proven reputation for reliability. This section covers routine maintenance, service, and troubleshooting. Visit our troubleshooting page here.




Here you will find detailed Owner’s Manuals for each Vivreau system, providing an overview of the normal operation and functionality of your system as well as some essential maintenance and troubleshooting tips.




VIVREAU Technicians are located throughout South Africa enabling a prompt turnaround. ( support centres in select African countries ) Visit our contact page here to get in touch with our technical centre for any further enquiries.